Psycho Asylum is located @
1201 E. Houston St.
San Antonio, Tx 78205


In loving memory of Pete L. Gonzales jr., owner and founder of Psycho Asylum/Slaughter House.
May you rest in peace and your legacy live on. We love and miss you more than words can say....

Pete L. Gonzales, jr. 9/18/1969 to 3/15/2015


River City Asylum, now known as the Psycho Asylum; located in the historical vicinity of downtown San Antonio, Texas. It housed the criminally insane, as well as sick and infectious patients back in the
late 1970's. 

On December 1, 1978, it was reported that 8 of the most dangerous patients escaped the Psycho Asylum. They ran loose in the facility as they tried to escape the "walls"; which is how they referred to the Psycho Asylum. Later that same day, orderlies found 3 of the patients who had escaped hiding in the boiler room.

Forty two days later, a female patient by the name of Carrie Blair, who had also escaped was found. Her lifeless body was found in the abandoned top floor of Ward N. 20. An unsuccessful search was done for the other 4 patients who had also escaped but apparently the only floor that was missed was that of Ward N. 20. Soon after, a maintenance man found another one of the patients who had escaped. The body was lifeless, cold, and unclothed, she had been dead for several days.

The official cause of death was heart failure but what caused the heart failure still remains a mystery. A stain in the shape of a human figure can still be seen on the floor where she died. It is said that her spirit can be seen peering from the window of the room in which she spent her final moments. People have also said they can hear disembodied female voices, see lights, and shadows of people and the sound of squeaking gurneys in the hallways. To this day the other 3 patients who escaped have never been found!

It is said that the 3 remaining patients who escaped, died in the Psycho Asylum and their souls are not at rest. They still roam the Psycho Asylum at 1201 E. Houston. Become admitted and you too can join their lost souls!


Legend has it that the San Antonio Slaughter House, built in a former ice-packing plant, was the site of a grisly murder in 1974, one enacted by the uncle of visiting children.  Homer Friesenhaun, one of the slaughter house’s most dedicated & long-time employees, worked 14-16 hour days, often with no days off in a 3 week period became mentally ill. His butchering become robotic and when his young niece and nephew came to visit; he brutally butchered them beyond recognition. It is not known if he recognized the children or if he had a lapse in judgement. 

He never acknowledged the murders and was committed to the River City Asylum, with no hope of ever leaving.  Whether or not the myth rings true to you, the building's current staff claims, they've been scratched, dodged flying objects, and heard voices. Decide for yourself by exploring the haunted house's dark rooms, strobe-lit passages, and scream-inducing monsters.
The Slaughter House is only half the story.  The former River City Asylum, now known as the Psycho Asylum is the sister haunted house where Homer was committed during the same time period that 8 of the most dangerous patients escaped and were never found.  It is not known if Homer was one of the escapees.  Some of the patients were found dead in the asylum, however 3 were never accounted for.  The echoes of anguished former patients allegedly still haunt the halls of the asylum; which are now heard by thrill-seeking guests!  Beware of the fog filled rooms, your eyes may deceive you as to what is real or not?